How to Avoid, Clear and Detect Blocked DrainsA lot of people only realize that they have a blocked drain once their sink starts overflowing with dirty water and refuses to go down. But, a blocked drain can be detected earlier than this or even prevented from happening at all with certain preventive measures.

It is essential to remember that if you take some pre-emptive measures then you can avoid blocked drains early on. Try to avoid any large materials getting flushed down the drains and you can do this by installing strainers in all your skinks. Avoid letting soap go down the drain. It is a common error in thinking that soap will easily dissolve when in the drain – it is misconception. Make sure that you wash your drains frequently and you can do this by pouring boiling water do the drain. You can also occasionally pour a cup of baking soda and follow it with a cup of vinegar and lastly wash it away with hot water. This will clean your drains and give it a fresh smell.

You can spot the first signs of a blocked drains early on. Bad smells or rotting scent is usually the clearest indication of a clogged drain. Most kitchen skins and wash basins are designed in a way where smells can’t come up through the pipes. If you can smell something from the drain, then it is likely there’s something clogged in the pipes. Another sign is where there’s slow water drainage. It is more likely to get worse so it is a good idea to unclog the drain before it becomes completely blocked. Furthermore, if you have a blocked drain the taps will likely burble when it is turned on. The clogged drains can be cause by hair, dirt, soap, or anything that goes down the drain. But basically in blocked drains, it is best to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Most often people use chemical compounds to clear the drain. These chemicals are usually thick and viscous liquid that sink into the blockage and then dissolve it. But it is important to be careful when using these since there are dangerous and potentially harmful to the environment and the people exposed to them. It is just as effective and much less damaging to use other means to clear the drains. It is best to leave the chemical drain cleaners to the professionals who have the right training and tools to use them effectively and safely.

How to Avoid, Clear and Detect Blocked Drains

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